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The pension »Na Meji« is a great starting point for trips to some of the greatest tourist sights in Slovenia, most of which are less than an hour away. If you are traveling to the sea via Rijeka (Croatia) it is a welcome spot to take a rest and have an opportunity to get to know the Inner Carniola and Karst regions. Trip suggestions, with the distance in km and the approximate journey time by car.

  • Visit of the periodic lakes of Pivka, the best known of which are the Palško jezero and Petelinjsko jezero, and other karst phenomena – in the vicinity of the farm
  • walking around the hundreds of years old woodlands of Javornik, enjoying the intact natural surroundings and the ever-changing world of plants and animals – in the vicinity of the farm
  • a trip to one of the hills surrounding the Pivka basin, such as Sveta Trojica (Holy Trinity) – 5 km/10 min, Silen Tabor – 10 km/15 min, Nanos – 20 km/25 min, Sneznik 35 km/40 min etc. where you can enjoy the view of the Pivka river, Karst, Vipava valley, Brkini and even the Adriatic Sea.
  • Military History Park and the Alpine Wall Fortress on Primož (2 km / 5 min)
  • The Postojna cave ( 14 km/15 min )
  • The Predjama castle ( 23 km/25 min )
  • The valley of Rakov Skocjan ( 25 km/25 min )
  • Planina fields with Planina cave ( 30 km/30 min )
  • The Lake Cerknica ( 35 km/35 min )
  • The Sneznik Castle ( 45 km/45 min )
  • The Pivka cave ( 20 km/25 min )
  • The Vipava valley ( 40 km/40 min )
  • The Karst ( 35 km/35 min )
  • The Lipica Stud Farm ( 40 km/40 min )
  • The Skocjan caves ( 30 km/35 min )
  • The Slovenian coast – Piran, Portoroz, Koper ( 70 km/40 min )
  • The Croatian coast – Opatija, Rijeka ( 50 km/50 min )
  • Trieste ( 60 km/50 min) 
  • Ljubljana ( 60 km/45 min )
  • Bled  ( ( 120 km/80 min )
  • Venice (Italy) (170 km/90 min )

Wooden products

The owner of the Guesthouse Na Meji is a great lover of nature, trees, and wood. He selects and searches for special pieces of tree species that are unusual and rare.

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