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Special offer - bear observation in its natural habitat.  Sightseeing is carried out in the company of a hunter.

Special offer - bear observation in its natural habitat.  Sightseeing is carried out in the company of a hunter.

We organise bear watching in nature. We watch the brown bear (Ursus Arctos), an autochthonous animal in our forests. We usually see younger bears and females with cubs. We observe their behaviour and feeding habits.
In afternoon hours, we take our all-terrain vehicle to the forest. The guests must be at the farm at the latest by 17.00 hours. The time of driving is half an hour to one hour, depending on the location of observation.

On the way, we see the sights of the forest and one of the intermittent lakes of Pivka - Petelinjsko lake.
The observation is carried out in the company of a hunter or guide, we observe bears from a high perch. The possibility to see bears is around 90%.
The number of participants in a group is 1 - 4 persons. In the case of a greater number of participants, multiple groups have to be formed. In such a case, the observation is done with two cars and two guides.
For successful observation, the participants have to be as still as possible at the perch and be quiet. The observation is not suitable for children under 8 years of age, if they are very restless.  

Light hiking clothing made of materials that do not make a lot of noise is recommended, with long sleeves, and hiking footwear. There is not much actual hiking, 300 metres at most. Sometimes, the observation spot needs to be reached by climbing a 5 m ladder. If you are afraid of heights, this needs to be said before departure, so that we find an appropriate observation spot for you.
Food, drink and additional bags are not necessary at the perch and will be left in the car.
Taking pictures is allowed without flash. Cameras should be as silent as possible.
Advance reservation is required for a bear watching trip.

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